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  • 05-02-17


    Operation Shadow
    Date: Sun 5 Feb
    Time: 5pm til 3am GMT (1700 GMT ,not 1500 as advertised)
    Type: Open Co-op, drop in and out when you like
    Team: members, recruits and invited guests only

    Mission: Evolution
    Map: Rung Sat
    Mods: Unsung Delta 3.1, Apex DLC and TFR and CBA
    TS channel - TFAR channel
    Time: Daytime, start 0400h in-game time + some night ops using skiptime


    Basically, we will split the normal ground units into 4 separate recon teams, and test ourselves in stealth ops.

    Each team, will consist of 4-6 men, with 1 team leader, 1 RTO, 1 MG and 3 specialists - all armed with suppressed weapons, except the MG (stoner or shorty 60 / RPD).

    The aim of the mission is to infiltrate covertly into each quadrant of the AO, to find and fix targets for CAS and arty.
    Part of the mission will be conducted at night.
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